QHS Memorial Scholarship Award                                             

The Johnathan R. Vasiliou Memorial Scholarship Fund Award will be awarded annually at the Queensbury High School’s Senior Award night.

As parents, one of the most cherished moments that can be shared, is watching your child find a passion and strive to achieve their goals. We were blessed to be able share in Johnathan’s  passions and watch him make mature decisions for himself and his future.

We hope to honor his life by encouraging others to pursue their passions with the same dignity and character. We would like to give this award to a student like Johnathan who along with dedication to academics, enjoys extracurricular activities and clubs with enthusiasm, forms a positive impact on the Queensbury community, and encourages friends and fellow Spartans to be their very best.

The Foundation will supplement the donations that were made directly to the Johnathan R. Vasiliou Memorial Scholarship Fund through the Queensbury High School.

YMCA Youth & Government 

Johnathan was an active member of the Queensbury chapter of Youth and Government. Youth and Government is a nationwide program where students meet up in over 30 State Capital Buildings for several days, to form a mock government. Johnathan was a legislator, preparing several bills for presentation in the New York State Assembly. As an active participant in Youth and Government, Johnathan grew to love debate and expressing his opinion. 

The JRV Foundation would like to honor this aspect of his life, by contributing to this organization. The State Conference is held in March at The Desmond Hotel in Albany. Currently, the cost for attending the conference is over three hundred dollars.