Our Impact

The Touch A Truck fundraiser is a family fun event with a serious purpose. Funds from this annual event are used to raise awareness and to support research at Albany Medical Center. Our goal is to educate the public on the Signs of Sepsis (SOS) by disseminating educational material. Check out our SOS card we are distributing to doctors offices and urgent care centers.



1.7 Million people get sepsis

each year in the United States. At least 270,000 Americans die from SEPSIS each year.


1 in 3

Patients who die in the hospital

have SEPSIS.



sepsis begins outside the hospital

for nearly 80% of patients.

These facts are provided by CDC. Learn more on our SEPSIS page and follow the link to their educational material, Get Ahead of Sepsis, Know the Risks, Spot the Signs, Act Fast.