Why We Do It

Everyone that knew Johnathan has a story to be told. Memories passed on by friends and family, keep him alive in our hearts forever.

As we sit together,  the memories and stories flow easily, but to sit and write this tribute; to capture the essence of Johnathan’s life in a few brief sentences is an impossible task.  Anything we write would not do his life justice.

Then we realized it was not about validating his life, for it did not need validating: but more about each of us treasuring a quality or a memory that we had shared with John. Through those memories, Johnathan would always live with us and guide us.

Simply through Johnathan’s actions, we could see how he viewed the world.  He had a deep passion for many activities, not because these things were popular but because it’s what he enjoyed with all his heart.  Johnathan displayed his leadership with humility and selflessness.  He was loyal and true to his himself and others.

His passion and determination are but two of the qualities that will be remembered. When he set his mind to something, it would get done. Johnathan was tireless  when working toward a goal. The word quit was not in his vocabulary. But that effort and desire were tempered by a quick smile and quite sensitivity that embraced everyone. He was quick to defend those who could not defend themselves, caring and loyal to the end.

Johnathan was an exceptional person. In the short time that he was with us, he made all of our lives better. Johnathan radiated love and light, and all those that entered that circle were enriched by the experience. His happy contagious grin could brighten your day in the worst of times. The stories of his life and the acts of kindness he extended to others would be prolific for a mature life. They are outstanding for his far too short life. His absence will leave the world a little bit dimmer.


Love You Today

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— Donovan Mafnas, Impact Volunteer


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