2017 Touch A Truck - July 15th 


Kids love Trucks and so do we! Climb on board and get behind the wheel of these big trucks!.


July 15th from 10 am to 1 pm at the Queensbury Elementary School Parking Lot. 

Admission only $3 per person or 4 for $10

Climb on board fire trucks, construction vehicles and big rigs. Bring a camera, there will be plenty of photo ops! 

Learn about fire safety with our local fire department and their Fire Safety Trailer. 

Pick up the first clue for our "scavenger hunt" when you purchase your ticket. 

Join in our pie eating contest at 12:30pm or if your hungry before then, we have hot dogs, pop corn and of course sno-cones! Wood Shack pizza will also be making wood fired pizza at their truck! 

Meet the people who protect and support our community and their cool vehicles                                                                                                        

Thanks for Your Support! 

a huge thanks to our sponsors 

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Thank You for Your Support! 



Sepsis Awareness

With close to 25,000 worldwide losing their lives DAILY to Sepsis, please educate yourself on the signs and symptoms. Albany Medical Center has provided us with this informational sheet, The Who, What and How of Sepsis. 



Sepsis begins innocuously enough when the immune system performs its usual task of recognizing invading bacteria, viruses or fungi. Immune cells release signaling proteins called cytokines to stimulate one another and overcome the invaders—but for poorly understood reasons, the immune cells release far more cytokines and other inflammatory molecules than is typical. All the extra immune molecules surging through the bloodstream have the inadvertent effect of making blood vessels slack and permeable, reducing blood pressure and allowing the fluid component of the blood to seep into surrounding tissues. The blood components left behind clot in the smallest vessels, preventing oxygen from reaching major organs. At this point, someone with sepsis has transitioned from the earliest stage of the disease, known as systemic inflammatory response syndrome, to the later stages of severe sepsis and septic shock. Confusion sets in, the heart's electrical activity becomes erratic, the kidneys and other organs fail, and blood pressure cannot be raised even with large amounts of intravenous fluids and drugs.